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Getting started with your distribution
Active's Distribution Service
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Who is Active?
See our "About Us" page

How long has Active been operating?
We have been successfully helping clients deliver their materials in Southwestern Ontario since 1966!

Why choose Active?
See our "Service" page

What is Active’s delivery coverage area?
We will deliver your flyers anywhere in Southwestern Ontario as per your request, but Waterloo region and Guelph are our main areas of operation.  We have the capability to reach over 98% of all houses, apartments, and businesses within these areas.

What is Active Marketing’s address?
Main office is located at:
105 University Ave East
Waterloo, On. N2J 2W1

What is Active Marketing’s warehouse address?
Our Kitchener warehouse facility is located at:
Access Storage
891 Guelph Street (Dock #21)
Kitchener On.  N2H 5Z2

What are Active’s in-home dates?
Active’s delivery personnel work from Monday – Friday (even Saturday for VERY special campaigns), so we can accommodate any delivery dates needed by our clientele.

Can Active provide any references?
We would like to direct you to our Client listings page, which you can find (Link to /Clients).  We can also provide you with written referrals and testimonials upon request.

Getting started with your distribution

Why should I choose Active?
Our crews of highly experienced, adult delivery personnel will deliver your message directly to the mailbox on time, every time.
Active has the highest profile household delivery available in the Region, and no other service comes close! We limit our delivery to 4 flyers per household maximum, to ensure your message is seen. Also, all Active delivery personnel are monitored by visual auditors each and every day, unlike the majority of our competitors. To ensure an even greater response to your advertisement, we offer our clients a full range of target marketing free of charge. Target by almost ANY criteria or demographic, such as income, age of resident, age of neighborhood, lot size, anything you desire!  Call today!

Who should I talk to about getting started with a new promotion?
You can email our office at: and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Also, you can give us a call anytime during office hours to immediately talk to one of our helpful sales representatives, 519-742-5971. (or call after hours and leave a message, and we will get back to you asap!)

What households should I target with delivery of my flyers?
The recommended delivery area needs to be tailored to each specific business, based on size, staff, product, location, etc.  Active has extensive experience targeting your messages to reach the right people, areas, businesses, whatever is necessary to achieve the maximum return on your advertising investment.

How do I get an accurate household count for my selected areas? 
We are in the process of designing an interactive map on this very website, but for now the best solution is to just ask one of your knowledgeable sales staff! Give us a call!

How many households should I try to reach? 
The simple answer is: The most that you can!!! Every distribution is tailored to the client based on the most important variables: location, size of company, advertising budget, repeat deliveries, etc.  We specialize in giving our clients the most bang for your buck, no matter what budget you decide on.

Who should I target with my advertising messages?
Every possible demographic is represented within Kitchener/Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph so it is crucial that you make the right choice for your distribution area.  This is why we recommend that you get a good idea about the customers you are trying to attract, and then give us a call and we will help you finalize your ideas.

Which product size, and level of visibility is most desirable for my company? Small flyer? Large flyer? Door-hangers? Posters?
This is a bit more complex of a question and is based mostly on budget and your target audience.  We offer delivery services for ANY type of print material, as well as courier type delivery of posted materials(posters).  Our sales staff can help you with any questions you may have.

What rate does Active charge for distribution?
See our "Prices" page

When do I have to have all material and payment to your office/warehouse to guarantee my delivery dates? 
It is ALWAYS in your best interest to call us as soon as you begin the planning stage of your upcoming distribution, this will ensure that your material will be delivered on the date you prefer.  The day for ensuring your delivery is on time, is the Friday BEFORE the week you would like your material delivered.

If I print my material with Active, when do I need to get the artwork to you? 
The sooner the better for ALL aspects of your distribution, especially when it comes to printing.  We need at least an extra week lead time if we are handling the printing, this is assuming that we will be provided with 100% complete artwork.  If you are interested in our creative design services, we would require additional time.

Distribution Services

When will my flyers be delivered? 
For the majority of contracts, the actual delivery dates are Monday to Friday.

Who does Active use to accomplish the physical delivery of my flyer? 
Supervised adult carriers only! (no “blind” drops to Kiddies, Families, etc.)  We are the only distributor in the Region with this service, especially at our competitive prices!

Are your delivery personnel supervised? 
ALL our deliveries are supervised by three people, the crew leader, a visual auditor, and even the production supervisor when necessary!  (We always recommend that the client observes the delivery themselves if they still have questions and/or concerns.)

How many other flyers will be delivered with mine at the same time? 
The maximum is 3.  We never deliver more than 4 pieces at once, thus ensuring the highest possible visibility for your printing message.  (as opposed to the Newspapers, Post Office, or other smaller “package” type advertisements.)

What do you do with households who have no mailbox? Or a no-flyer sticker? 
Active adheres to a strict “safe leave” policy.  We never put your material on the ground for ANY reason!  We will attempt to use a mailbox as our first priority; otherwise we will affix them to the door handle, or another “safe” place (between the doors, etc.).

How does Active handle delivery complaints? 
We handle all complaints with the utmost care for both our clients and THEIR clients, the home owners.  One of our management staff will attempt to open a dialogue with the home owner, and ensure that all possible avenues are explored to prevent any future problems and repair any damage if necessary.  We will then talk to our clients and keep them abreast of any ongoing situations and solutions.

Printing Services

If I choose to use Active’s printing service, when do I need to get the artwork to you?

Again, the sooner the better for ALL aspects of your distribution, especially when it comes to printing.  We need at least an extra week lead time if we are handling the printing, this is assuming that we will be provided with 100% complete artwork.  If you are interested in our creative design services, we would require additional time.

What file formats do you accept?
All standard formats are accepted, which include: PDF, DOC, Illustrator/Photoshop, JPEG, Power point, etc.

Do I get a chance to review the final ad before printing?
Of course, unlike the discount printers, you get to actually deal with a human being!  You have full control over the process and final proofing. 

If I want to get a flyer designed and printed from scratch, what questions should I be ready to answer?
Areas, target customers, quantities, door-hanger? flyer? size, colours, delivery dates.  These are just a few of the criteria needed to plan your distribution, so give us a call and we will guide you through the entire process!

What are Active’s printing rates, and are they competitive?
Active’s rates are among the lowest in all of Ontario, but unfortunately we only offer these rates to our delivery clients.  So, if you want to get Your flyers Printed and Delivered there is no better service around! Period!